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General information
Micro-Air holds all of its customer information strictly confidential. Micro-Air shares no information about its customers with any other businesses or marketing entities.

Warranty Information

Limited Warranty
Micro-Air expressly warrants new products made by it to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of two (2) years from the date of delivery to the original purchaser of our product (“Purchaser”). The Purchaser must notify Micro-Air of any defect or malfunction in writing delivered by overnight delivery or certified mail and received within the warranty period in order to secure repair or replacement of the product and, if purchased from Micro-Air, the Purchaser must return the product to Micro-Air at Purchaser’s expense so that it is received within one day of the expiration of the warranty period. The remedies of repair, refund or full replacement shall be the sole remedies for any warranty claim at Micro-Air’s discretion. The Purchaser expressly, voluntarily and knowingly waives the right to claim any implied warranty and any and all claims for consequential damages, which are expressly excluded from this warranty. Any law or court decision of a court of competent jurisdiction requiring the implied warranty of merchantability or any other warranty expressly waived herein, is limited in time to the length of this express written warranty. This Warranty is ineffective if the Purchaser or any user damages the product in his/its possession or fails to use the Product as directed, misuses or abuses the product, submits the product to unreasonable use or otherwise uses the Product in a manner other than as intended. Disputes, if any, arising under this warranty shall be resolved solely and exclusively in the agreed sole court of competent jurisdiction: the Superior Court of New Jersey, County of Monmouth. Claims under this Warranty shall be permitted only if a party suffers “actual damage.” Actual damage is limited to the cost of the product purchased. Consequential damages are excluded from this Warranty. The parties agree to apply New Jersey law to any disputes between them. Attorneys’ fees, if any, shall not be subject to recovery but shall be borne by the respective parties in the event of filing of any legal action or claim by a consumer or other party claiming under this limited Warranty or in any other lawsuit or claim. This Warranty is not assignable and shall attach only to our original Purchaser.
RV Rooftop AC Extended Warranty
Please reference our EasyStart™ 364 RV Rooftop Soft Starter Double Down Extended Warranty

Risk of Loss

Micro-Air assumes the risk of loss for the goods shipped until picked up by the carrier selected by Purchaser.

Once goods leave the offices of Micro-Air, the risk of loss shifts to Purchaser because title to the goods passes to Purchaser at that time.

This means that lost packages are the responsibility of the Purchaser and/or its carrier.

Shipping information is forwarded to the Purchaser with confirmation of carrier package pickup and may be used to track shipments directly on carrier websites.

International Shipping

Micro-Air is not responsible for customs duties and/or taxes that may apply to orders.

Items shipped internationally may be subject to customs duties, tariffs and sales or Value Added Tax (VAT) set by the destination country and its political subdivisions. These fees are not calculated prior to customs clearance in that country and are in addition to the price and shipping cost you are charged when checking out.

It is not our responsibility to collect and pay the duties, tariffs and sales or Value Added Tax (VAT) to the proper authorities.

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