The Idea

For over 30 years, Micro-Air built its business by designing, developing, and manufacturing custom controls. We are always willing and eager to consider new designs, no matter what the scope.

The Design

Our development capabilities may surprise you. Our small team has well over 100 years of combined design experience. We also offer assistance in obtaining various agency approvals.

The Results

We want to design and manufacture your control! We strive for partnerships with our customers, so we will support you from the first design discussion through to your product obsolescence.

Our Services

What do I get when I buy a Micro-Air product?

When you buy one of our products you become a stakeholder in Micro-Air, LLC because every customer is -- in a sense -- an owner. You own not only our product but also a relationship with Micro-Air.

And we see that through to the end. Our pre-sales and after-sale support are widely recognized as among the best you will ever find anywhere – bar none! As a family-run business, we take pride in our devotion to customer service. Please ask around. Our techs and engineers and customer service reps treat your RV, home, or yacht as if it were our own and we make it our business to sweat every detail.

We are positive that you will be satisfied with our Home, Marine and RV products. We do not just provide products, we provide solutions…and we stand behind our product like no other company.

We are industry ingrained and have manufactured A/C related products in the USA for nearly 40 years.

We take you to the solution of your problem, like anyone in a strong relationship.