EasyTouch RV Touch Screen Thermostat

What Can The EasyTouch™ RV Thermostat Do For You?

RV Wifi Thermostat App

Control And Monitor Your RV Air Conditioner From Any Location Using Our Smartphone App

RV Touchscreen Thermostat

High-End 3.5" Color Touch Screen With Easy To Read Thermostat Controls At Your Fingertips

Never Lose Your Comfort Control Settings Again With Our Built-In Automatic Backup Feature

Compatibility With Major RV A/C And Heating Control Systems Without Losing a Single Feature

Meet The EasyTouch™ RV Thermostat

EasyTouch RV Smart Thermostat

When it comes to 21st Century technology, EasyTouch™ RV is wicked cool! This is the RV thermostat game changer that RVers requested.

It stands alone in the world of recreational vehicles as THE smart thermostat available in the aftermarket, enabling WiFi and Bluetooth cabin comfort control. With its easy-to-use app, a camper’s smartphone and other devices can now monitor and change the temperature to match arrival and local weather conditions.

Its large touch screen allows for a change in temperature the old fashioned way too—with an easy touch! So why wait? Check out detailed information below.

Control Your RV A/C Remotely Anywhere!

Features and Specifications

Thermostat Type Programmable, Wireless Communication (OTA)
Display Type / Dimensions Large Color, Touch Screen, 3.5"
Communication Touchscreen, WiFi and Bluetooth, intuitive smartphone app
Frame Color Black or White
Compatible With Major RV A/C Thermostat Controls
Includes Thermostat, Phone App, Mounting Template
Power Supply Hardwired
Product Height 3.0 inch
Product Width 3.96 inch
Product Depth 1.06 inch
Warranty 2 Year Limited
Control Functions Heating, Cooling, Furnace
Smart Phone App Monitor power to your RV A/C at will via our smartphone app.
Application Notes:
  • Apple devices must be version 13.4 or higher which is available on iPhone 6S and newer devices.
  • Android devices must be at least Marshmallow which is version 6.0, API version 23, or higher.
Smart Phone App - Temperature Alerting Receive alerts directly to your smartphone when the temperature goes above or below a certain desired limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the EasyTouch RV Thermostat smart?
Yes, it is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled and programmable by time of day and has lots of other one-of-a- kind features for the RV. It displays both actual and set point temps on its face, and outside temperature too.
WiFi? And Bluetooth? Do you mean to tell me Micro-Air created its own mobile app?
Yup – and it is awesome! Not only can you control your A/C from anywhere, but when new features or updates are released, they become available through the Google Play and Apple store. Example, local weather is now available for the thermostat and simply updated through the app store.
Is it DIY?
Yes, it is designed by our engineers as a drop-in replacement. An electrician is not needed thanks to phone jack or simple push wire designs of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Simple mounting template too.
What ACs will it work with?
All BTUs and all rooftop AC units made by Coleman and Dometic to start with. Most other brands will be added later.
What Colors will be offered?
Black and White.
Do I need WiFi to use EasyTouch?
No, you can use its touchscreen or use the Bluetooth feature if in range.
Does it work with the Apple or Android platforms?
Both. EasyTouch RV works with both IOS and Android devices
Is it for multizone or single zone systems?
It works with up to four units that are equipped for A/C, heat pump, furnace or heat strip and, of course, it works to replace each single zone unit the RVer owns. If your current thermostat is multizone, you can replace it with an EasyTouch RV multizone.
Is EasyTouch RV limited by geography?
Nope. It has time zone programming built in.

Display Icon Reference

EasyTouch RV Display Icon - On
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Off
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Settings
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Zone Off
Zone Off
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Clear Schedule
Clear Schedule
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Factory Reset
Factory Reset
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Bluetooth
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - WiFi
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Back
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Scheduling
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Calibration
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Zone
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Home
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Away
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Brightness
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Daytime
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Sleep
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Time Format
Time Format
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Cool
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Auto
Heat/Cool Auto
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Fan Only
Fan Only
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Fan Control
Fan Control
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Dip Switch
Dip Switch (Source)
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Furnace
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Heat Pump
Heat Pump
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Heat Strip/Coil
Heat Strip/Coil
EasyTouch RV Display Icon - Aqua


EasyTouch RV - Quick Start Guides and Manuals

Visit our EasyTouch RV Knowledge Bank for manuals, reference guides and frequently asked questions.
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WIFI Routers and Technology Resources
Controlling your EasyTouch RV Thermostat remotely requires an internet router.

For information about routers for RVs and boats, we refer consumers to the MOBILE INTERNET RESOURCE CENTER found at MobileInternetInfo.com

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